Performance Kayak

Expansion Post

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Make it taller when building a custom rack for large kayaks or canoes & SUP's or simply expand your existing 2-Boat or 4-Boat Frame.


  • Creates easier access and a more comfortable fit when storing larger kayaks or canoes with width greater than 34"
  • Extends the height of the 2-Boat or 4-Boat Free-Standing Rack by 28"
  • Easily installs by slipping into existing top post of a 2-Boat Frame, Dock Mount Frame, and Flat Mount Frame

Finish options: Marine Grade Black or Standard Grade Yellow

Marine Grade BLACK for use in salt water environments is powder-coated steel with galvanized coating and stainless steel hardware. 

Standard Grade Suspenz Safety YELLOW for both outdoor and indoor use is powder-coated steel.

Included in box:
2 Posts and hardware
Box size: 32” x 4” x 5"